Smart Upstream Sampling and Downstream Filter Scanning
The Lighthouse ScanAir Pro System is a particle counter based HEPA/ULPA filter scanning system and suites ISO 14644-3. 
It is the only easy and lightweight method for testing and scanning PTFE, fiberglass and other filter media for leaks.
Incorporating an ergonomic lightweight-scanning probe with touchscreen user interface, the ScanAir Pro System also includes a SOLAIR portable particle counter and a dual-port diluter that can be remotely switched between measurements from the touch screen handle.
The ScanAir Pro System allows you to take an upstream and downstream measurement that displays real-time percent leak information on the integrated touch screen display.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Upstream and downstream mode of measurement
  • Touchscreen User Interface
  • Automatic calculation of alarm threshold
  • Adjustable scan head 
  • Scan & size leaks
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