DOP 3500 Touch Photometer

The PHOTOMETER "DOP TOUCH" is packed with every feature you might need to test, record and print the results of your Filter Testing, strengthening your compliance to ISO14644-3 and all other global cleanroom, containment system, and filter manufacturers Standard.
  • Only touch screen available, easy to operate.
  • Fast and easy setup in seconds. Auto-calibrates without pressing any button or valves.
  • Faster and more secure testing - touch screen stays on between tests using built-in battery
  • Simple, light, robust and vibrating Smartprobe.
  • The most comprehensive test reports, printed to hard drive, paper(A4 or tally) or USB flash drive.Warranty -TWO years for ‘dop touch’, one year for screen, and LIFETIME for Smartprobe.
  • Serviced and calibrated by DOP technicians or DOP trained overseas partners.
  • International Language support available.
  • Test Certificate design available, with your logos.
  • Optical stability measures aerosol concentrations as low as 1mg/m3, and penetration to 0.0001%, so PTFE filters and ULPA grades easily tested.
  • Auto calibration of aerosols from drop-down menu, includes for all common reagents/oil types.
  • Automatic DNS reports min/max/average challenge concentration. On screen Accept/Reject feature.
  • 3 alarms - ‘dop touch’ Audio, Smartprobe LED and Vibrator means you won’t miss leaks.
  • QWERTY keyboard and touch pen for easy typing.
  • Hazardous sampling optical system as standard, so safe for all pharma,biotech, nuclear application.
  • Variable data easily typed on touch keypad/menus.
  • Stainless steel case-robust and easily cleaned


DOP3500 Photometer v3.pdf3.15 MB