Condensation Fog Generator

Condensation Fog Generator Type CFG290

Visualization of flows in clean rooms and air conditioning systems

Condensation of the fog generator CFG 290 is a portable mist generator, which can be used in accordance with ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 and VDI 2083-3 for the visualization of air streams in the clean room and for cleanroom components.Application of the portable fog generator:

  • Visualization of airflow in rooms and air conditioning systems
  • Suitable for use in clean rooms
  • Visual leak testing of systems and components
  • General use as a test aerosol e.g. for the filter test


The fog generator CFG 290 is based on the evaporation of fog fluid at about 300 ° C and subsequent condensation. The fluid consists of polyvalent alcohol and purified water. By the hygroscopic effect of the alcohol part of the droplet surrounding humidity is absorbed and stabilized as fog droplets.

The condensation fog generator produces a very dense, highly visible fog. This nebula has a longer service life in rooms. Any deposits of fog droplets on surfaces evaporate without residue after some time. The fog is inherently sterile, non-toxic and free of oil and grease (certificate available). The fog fluid specifically meets the needs of highly sensitive areas in hospitals and pharmaceutical industries. Only low and microbiologically safe amounts of smoke fluid are used, combined with very high-performance visualization.

The fog generator is designed for mobile use. Power is supplied by a modern LiPo battery. The device can be equipped with different distribution systems for the fog via system connection at the outlet of the aerosol.

Specific advantages of the new fog generator

  • very short preparation time from initiation until the fog mist generation (a few seconds)
  • particularly dense fog through controlled supply of air condensation
  • meet the standards of hospital and pharmaceutical industries
  • lowest mass emission of smoke fluid for the same visualization performance by deposition of larger droplets of the mist in the device
  • immediate termination of fog generation, no evaporation
  • minimum disturbance to the basic flow through a thin probe
  • long battery life through special evaporator and microprocessor control

Technical Data

  • Evaporator Temperature: 300 degree C
  • Heat output: 70W
  • Ambient Temperature: -5 to 45 degree C
  • Fluid consumption for continuous operation: ca. 2ml/min
  • Filling quantity: min 30 ml, max 75ml
  • Operation time: 20 minutes non-stop
  • Fog Fluid: Mixture of ultrapure water and polyhydric alcohol
  • Control of aerosol: Pushbutton
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery 11.1V; 3000mAh
  • Dimensions CFG: 440x70x120mm
  • Dimensions CFG with injection probe: 900x70x120mm
  • Weight with injection probe: 1.9kg
  • Weight without injection probe: 1.8kg

Condensation Fog Generator