Microbiologische metingen

The Microbial Air Sampler MAS-100 CG Ex® was developed to control the microbiological contamination in compressed gases. The instrument works fully automatically and uses standard Petri dishes.

new! PC-Interface allows to print out of all relevant datas.

Application field
The Microbial Air Sampler MAS-100 CG Ex® is used for compressed gases in the pharmaceutical and food industry and other similar applications.


  • Explosions proof version standard.
  • Integrated pressure and mass-flow sensor
  • Uses standard 90-100 mm Petri dishes
  • Dialogue software
  • PC- communication inkl. Software


  • Airflow 100 liter/minute from 1-10bar
  • Rechargeable battery: autonomy approx. 3.5h
  • Ex-proof, powder coated aluminum case
  • Samplinhead sterilisable with presure certificate
  • Pre-programmed for: Air, Argon, CO2, Nitrogen and new! for O2
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