Deeltjes metingen

Deeltjes aantallen en grootte; vanaf 0,1m volgens ISO 8573-1 (Purity Classes compressed Air)

Designed with the latest in high-pressure gas component and patented laser particle counting technologies, the Lighthouse Gas Sampling System allows samplingof high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems, such as Helium, Nitrogen, Argon and CO2, with a sensitivity of 0.10μm at 1

Designed using the latest technology in high-pressure gas components, the HPC 1100 allows attachment of Lighthouse 0.1µm particle counters to high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems to provide monitoring capability for process gas contamination.

The HIGH PRESURE DIFFUSER was designed for use with Lighthouse Airborne Particle Counters in applications where the sample is under pressure. Standard applications include sampling of CDA, Nitrogen and other inert gasses.

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