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Cleanroom Monitoring for Production areas and Production processes

Cleanroom certification and testing is an important part of any cleanroom facility. The Lighthouse Monitoring Systems (LMS Standard) is designed for "Contamination Control", which means that our measurement systems are capable of measuring "dirt" or "disruption" in a cleanroom. In Semiconductor cleanroom environments, the following parameters are often included in a real-time monitoring system:

  • Air particle counts: for cleanroom dust classification measurements according to ISO14644
  • Liquid particle counts: for purity determination of UPW systems, pipes, bathing and operating materials
  • Particle counting in process gasses: for purity determination of pipes and POU
  • Surface particle counters: for surface cleanliness and sedimentation
  • Temperature: for cleanroom space and operating materials
  • Relative Humidity: for cleanroom production areas
  • Pressure Differential: for cleanroom production areas
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination: for cleanroom environments (e.g. acids, ammonia, amines, "dopans" and solvents)
  • Vibration: For Lithography installations
  • Brightness: for cleanroom production areas
  • EMC: For field strength measurements in process areas
  • ESD: Discharge measurements in production areas

Key specifications of LMS Standaard:

The LMS monitoring system is suitable for reading various analog and digital sensors such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity, particle counting, conductivity, TOC , CO2, N2, etc


Presentation of readings is provided by a simple graphical interface, the Node View. This client application provides various network users, including operators, managers and quality control, the ability to manage and report the readings. After training every user is able to find his way in LMS.

The LMS package is designed for continuity of data supply. The system includes a monitoring engine, which is always active. By using a "failover" (buddy) system full redundancy is reached. Lighthouse guarantees with a Server Buddy an uptime of 99.9%. The internal controller can be equipped with an emergency power supply. (UPS)

SQL Database:
The protected database can be equipped with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Borland Interbase, PostgreSQL, and ODBC. Mirroring, OPC and Modbus is supported.

Audit Trails:
Various reports can be provided, such as: alarms and confirmations, events, log out/in data and user input.

Extensive alarming capabilities via email, SMS or TCP / IP.

Manual and automatic reporting possible, with PDF export functions.

The Lighthouse LMS systems can be delivered turnkey, including validation (IQ / OQ).