OR (surgery room) Monitoring

Lighthouse monitoring systems for hospitals

For hospitals, air quality and quality assurance are vital operational systems.  The monitoring systems to ensure patient safety and quality assurance are required to report independently on operational conditions inside individual rooms as well as on machinery and working methods. Lighthouse  distinguishes itself by delivering fully validated and customized measurement systems. Find out what Lighthouse can do for your hospital or clinic:

Lighthouse specializes in:

  • The setup of independent monitoring systems at vital measurement points.
  • Knowledge of regulations and guidelines. For example, on contamination, hygiene behavior and air quality in operating rooms and dispensaries.
  • Validation, documentation and training according to GMP(-Z)/GaMP-5, FDA, ISO
  • Maintenance and support of monitoring systems, cleanroom gauges and sensors.
  • Calibration of environmental sensors, particle counters and microbiological sampling equipment.
  • Education and validation training.

Areas of Lighthouse monitoring:

  • Operating rooms
  • Isolation rooms
  • Clinical pharmacy and dispensary
  • Nuclear pharmacy
  • Central sterile services department (CSSD)
  • Tissue and blood banks
  • Laboratory and thermal equipment
  • Storage and distribution of medication
  • IVF and Fertility Center
  • Temperature monitoring, e.g. for HACCP and Legionella
Because of Lighthouse’s complete solution package in monitoring, a single system can be used for the whole hospital.  All the different departments can be serviced by this system, with separate rights and authority levels for the various departments and users. Your hospital needs to invest in only one system, from which all monitoring is available – efficiently, safe and well-organized.