Colony Forming Units Monitoring

The Lighthouse LMS Pharma measuring system can be expanded with special sampling heads for measurements of germs (viable sampling). Through microbiological sampling heads ( Remote ActiveCount) a measurement gets started from LMS Pharma measuring system, or from a remote start / stop control point. The fixed sampling heads are mounted at the most critical GMP places, often right next to the particle counter sampling head (non-viable sampling). Before starting the measurement, a nutrient surface (agar-plate) is placed in the 90mm plate holder. After starting the measurement, a flow measurement is activated by turning on a remote vacuum pump or a vacuum valve. The measuring time can be preset to LMS Pharma from 1 to 180 minutes per measurement period.

Measuring locations are i.e. Class A locations like pharmaceutical filling lines, microbiological safety cabinets, LAF cabinets, isolators and Radiopharmaceutical hotcells.

The Remote ActiveCount can either be placed on the location where the microbiological sampling is executed, or remote with use of a special probe (for instance in a hotcell). Several types of active counts are available but most used is the stainless steel version.

The remote switch can be used to activate the Remote ActiveCount from distance on chosen times. It sends a start/stop signal and the indicator LEDs indicate the status of the system.


The RAC Controller takes care of the signals to the Remote ActiveCount. This can also be integrated in a monitoring system in combination with particle counters and environmental sensors.

The viable Remote ActiveCount with pump has an integrated pump system and can be used in a monitoring system without external vacuum supply.