Lighthouse Benelux knows what it means to you if your (production) process does not meet the requirements and standards. You want to ensure that your processes are running optimally by using the right measurement instruments of course you want to be certain that these instruments measure precisely. In addition, you must be able to prove that the test results traceable and correct. Calibration of measuring instruments plays the crucial role. 


If you choose to be sure

Our team of trained and qualified calibration engineers will be prepared to minimize your risk of defaults by means of calibrations.
We can perform calibrations in our laboratory or on-site in our (mobile) on-site calibration and service laboratory which reduces transportation risks and production stoppages to a minimum.
ISO 17025 accredited calibrations
Lighthouse Benelux is now also able to perform ISO 17025 accredited calibrations for:
- Airborne Particles
- Temperature
- Relative Humidity
- Differential pressure

Please visit the website of the RvA ( for an up-to-date overview of our detailed scope under registration number K166.

ISO 17025 Scope Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Benelux
ISO 17025 Declaration Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Benelux


Managing calibration

As a standard service, you will be informed by Lighthouse Benelux about the (legal) term of calibration for your measurement instruments. This also contributes to reducing your risks. 

Calibration possibilities

Lighthouse Benelux calibrates instruments of different brands:
- Airborne Particle Counters - Airsamplers
- Liquid Particle Counters - Air velocity sensors
- Temperature sensors
- Mass flow sensors
- Relative Humidity sensors
- Photometers
- Differential pressure sensors - Aerosol generators
- CO2 sensors - Dilution systems 
For the calibration terms: Calibration terms and conditions V1.4.pdf.
Is your instrument not listed? Don't hesitate to mention this at our customer service team contact